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Chinese Roly Poly Toy Overview – Local and Professional

Do you know the toy story roly poly clown? It is cute? Do you want to know more about the roly-poly toy? Here we go.
General Introduction to Chinese Roly Poly Toy The roly poly/tumbler/tilting toy (called budaoweng, 不倒翁) is an ancient Chinese toy for kids. The first record of it was in the Tang Dynasty. It is shaped like a human; thanks to its special shape and weight distribution, it will shake right and left once been touched and finally will return to its upright position. The name of Chinese roly poly – budaoweng, literally means an old man who will not fall, can also be used as a metaphor for people who are good at coping with the social relationship and can maintain their position for a long time.

The History of Chinese Roly Poly According to the “Folk Tang Yan” written by the Wang Dingbao in Five Dynasty, the Chinese tumbler toy was transformed from the Tang Dynasty’s “Drunken Master”, also called “Exhortation of Liquor Hu” and “Wine beard”. It was a tool to persuade wine b…

Complete and Overall Introduction to Chinese Shuttlecock

Chinese Shuttlecock
General Introduction to Chinese Shuttlecock Chinese shuttlecock (jianzi, 毽子) is a toy made by plugging cock feathers into round base. Shuttlecock kicking is one of the ancient folk sports games, originating in the Han Dynasty and becoming popular in the Tang Dynasty. Until now, it has been over 2,000 years. As a simple and easy exercise, it is very popular with youth and children in China, especially girls.

Chinese Shuttlecock History - Prototype Chinese jianzi kicking has a long history. It is said that date back more than 3,000 years ago, in Shang Dynasty, there is a dance that kicks and dances; this may be the prototype of kicking shuttlecock. It is also said that kicking shuttlecock derives from Chinese ancient football (cuju, 蹴鞠). In 1913, in Nanzhang Village, Yubeitun, Jining city, Shandong Province, 23 stone paintings were unearthed in an East Han Dynasty tomb, showing eight people playing shuttle cock. Their movements were harmonious, stretched and natural…