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Chinese Diabolo History, Types, Tricks and Art

Playing diabolo is an import game in Chinese traditions. In old times, diabolo is called "huqiao", also called "ground bell", "empty clock" and "wind hyacinth ". It belongs to the traditional toy of Han folk. In Jinan city, Shandong Province, it is called “old cow”. Playing diabolo is called "playing weng", "shaking ground bell" and “shaking bell” in ancient China. It is a Chinese folk entertainment activity and popular in all parts of the country, especially in Tianjin, Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang.
General Introduction to Playing Chinese Yoyo Diabolo Playing diabolo yoyo was originally a garden game. Later, after processing, it was improved to possess competitive and became a traditional acrobatic project. It is divided by its axis, single-axis or two-axis. The axis, the wheel and the wheel surface are made of wood; the wheel circle is made of bamboo. The wheel box is hollow and there are four or five holes …
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Diabolo Chinese Yoyo Toy Professional Review

Yo-Yo (悠悠球, yoyo Chinese pinyin youyou), also called diabolo, is a kind of toy as well as sport equipment. Its earliest record of history books appeared in Greece 500 AD. According to legend, in the 16th century, a weapon of rope with yoyo-like heavy staff tied on the front was among the appliances for fighting and hunting by Philippine hunters. In 1700 AD, yoyo spread eastward from China to Nagasaki, Japan, traveled westward to India and spread from India to Europe. In Japan, Yoyo is vividly called the "wheelbarrow" or "money wheel" and it is very popular among young Asians. At the beginning of the 18th century, it was popular in the UK with name of "The Treasure of the Prince" and in France in the name of "Norman Yoyo", especially in the upper society in France and the United Kingdom. Since then, this Chinese yoyo toy and the Chinese yoyo name "yoyo" has spread from France to the rest of the world.

Chinese Yoyo History  The history …